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Dale LeRoy Perry: Guestbook

Elgin lover

August 16, 2011

Thanks for your tunes.....

Farmers market is worth waking up on saturday to get REAL blues and your amazing guitar/awesome vocals. Please keep coming out here......

Patience Cain

August 30, 2010

looking good dale!
happened across the utube of "my song"
thanks and much love.

mark burkhart

July 6, 2010

loved your show sunday @ the swbf hope to see you again soon


February 5, 2010

Read you post on the "old guys". Well said, my friend! I'm pretty close behind you in the age bracket. Tried to get a gig at Gruene Hall and the gal there sent an email saying the group was too old. Imagine that! Two of the guys backing me at the time play with one of the biggest singers around. Enjoyed listening to your songs! Keep up the great work.


February 4, 2010

Hey man, I enjoy your post on the old guys... I'm a 50+ drummer who been playing for 40+ years... I forgot more than they know...ha ha

Sharon Thomas Day

January 1, 2010

I am so happy it has all come to pass. Middletown was the first base. You are at home plate now.
I am glad that the family remembers me. :-) They are a great bunch, and your grandmother's inspiration for me to quilt.

All the best to you and your family. Happy songwriting!

Tony Carroll

August 5, 2009

I first heard you at Nancy Joe's Place in Canyon Lake. Bought a tape, then you took off for NYC.
Don't know how long you've been back but "Welcome Back"
Hope to listen live again


August 2, 2009

Your music has got something. Don't know what it is, but keep going, I like it.
Best wishes from Norway.

Steve, the oldIndian motorcycle rider

July 16, 2009

Great sounds, Dale. Raising a glass to days gone by at Mad Anthony's.

John(Skip) Gilmore

June 2, 2009

Music was always your forte! Keep it up! Are you going to play Montana?

monty cunningham

May 25, 2009

well i am glad that you still have the blues (ha ha).good stuff keep reaching bro .may god bless.

Melonie Norton

May 24, 2009

Love it!!! Good to see you and listen to you again. Much love and success dale leroy.