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Dale LeRoy Perry: Music

Liner Notes

(d.l. perry)
June 23, 2009
d.l. perry

 Jimi Lee hosts "Newsy, Bluesy, Tuesdays" at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill in South Austin. He chats and performs with the best acts, in town, and those touring through. Jimi is an old friend that got me this gig. I didn't know 'till later he had become an award winning songwriter and a world class harp player. He can take a ride that will make you weep, then chunk out a rhythm that sounds orchestral.

This Tuesday, June 23, 2009, was the first 100 degree day in what turns out to be the second hotest summer on record. I was a bit concerned about the heat. As the sun set, and the crowd warmed, a cooling breeze wafted through the veranda, making for a right pleaseant evening, for Texas anyway.

This recording was an experiment with a new recorder. We just hooked it up, forgot about it, and enjoyed our reunion. I reckon it doesn't get more live than that. We cleaned it up a bit, but what you hear is the way we sounded that warm June night in Austin.

Jimi Lee, harmonica/host
dale leroy perry, guitar/vocals