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Dale LeRoy Perry: Press

Dale Perry........ can play. His live duo recordings with harmonica player Jimi Lee, all available in high-quality format at Perry's website, rip with distinctive and varied blues riffing. Perry has a loose, part improvised style, but rooted in songs that are well-written and original. It's hard to write a new blues song -- the chords are pretty much dictated by the style -- but Perry plays hybrid lead and rhythm parts on his instrument that are unique to each composition. What's more, the lyrics are recognizably in a traditional blues idiom, but they're not copied from old songs. Perry is taking his own experiences and communicating about them in a specific style. Really neat stuff, and the gruff, oil-soaked vocals drip with soul.
"He sings as if he’s seen the armpit of the world as well as its most precious glories." Janie Skope Magazine
"Ain't got nothin' but good words
for Dale."........Vince Bell
Vince Bell (Oct 15, 2009)
"I really took your passion for what you are doing very serious when I heard your songs... almost an innocence and humbleness for keeping the blues alive in the way Robert Johnson and Son House would have liked." - Out of Step Entertainment 08/2009
Out of Step Entettainment (Aug, 2009)

Greasy ol' Texas blues.

 author: Ray Varner.

 About thirty five years ago I met Dale LeRoy Perry. As a young man he, already, could three finger pick like Libba Cotton or John Hurt. He could do that gritty Ninth Ward swing like "Lightnin". He could slide like Bukka. But, nobudy told me that life's bumps and warts would turn him into a mighty fine song writer. "Moan My Name" is far more than a vanity recording. It's a warm and delicious blues record. Go get it. Y'all gonna love it, and you can write that on your shirt.

CDBaby review  2003

R.O.Varner - cdbaby review
"I enjoyed listening to the songs. They had a nice blend of old school, with a cool, "today" feel. It was great to hear such strong lyrics and the bluesy vibe. Reading your Bio was always amazing. You really have life experiences to inspire your great songs!...Well done."
"Really, truly great stuff, and the real thing, to boot. (You can't fake the blues, can you?). " -OpTic Noise
  • Eclectic mix of acoustic guitar
    author: D. F. Lyon

    The eclectic musical styles in Dale LeRoy Perry’s "Moan My Name" bounce from old blues to country, then transition to Latin and an uniquely Perry airy jazz only to return to Texas country blues, with bits of bluegrass and a cappella thrown in for flavor. A thought-inducing, intellectual, introspection of lost love, loneliness and hope, that is at once both forlorn and whimsical. —D. F. Lyon

  • CDBaby Review  2003

  • D.F. Lyon - CDBaby review